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Musicians, Meet Dalilah...
your new best friend

Built by—and for—musicians, Dalilah is a smart personal assistant that makes it exceedingly easy to stay on top of your learning goals.

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iOS all the time

C.Miller & Co. specializes in the creation of fast, light, elegant apps for iOS. We pride ourselves on producing robust, highly customer-centric software—and honestly? We love iOS. It's why we do what we do!

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🚀 cmillerco.com is the online home of software developer Cary Miller. Cary builds mobile, desktop, and web apps under the moniker C.Miller & Co. You can find him online at GitHub, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

In his spare time, Cary enjoys contributing to Apple’s Swift CoreLibs Foundation project, as well as being a proud father, bluegrass musician, and connoisseur of cold-brew coffee. ☕️