C.Miller & Co. specializes in the creation of fast, light, elegant apps for iOS.

We pride ourselves on producing robust, maintainable, and highly customer-centric software—and honestly? We love iOS. It’s why we do what we do!


Our flagship product—fieldcamp—was built by, and for, musicians. It’s a smart practice organizer for iOS that makes it exceedingly simple to stay on track with your learning goals.

fieldcamp is currently nearing its beta release. If you’d like to help test it out before it lands on the App Store, feel free to sign-up for our Beta Testers program.

It’s fun, and free!


At C.Miller & Co., we’re building apps for the longterm—we believe that great software should remain fast, simple to use, and easy to navigate, throughout its lifetime. No bloat. No extraneous features. Just solid software that does what users require.

🚀 This website, and its sister sites, are the online home of software developer Cary Miller. Cary builds mobile, desktop, and web apps under the moniker C.Miller & Co. You can find him on twitter (company or personal,) linkedin, and of course github.

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